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Neuroleadership implies development

To develop managers and make them fit for the world we are living in. That is my passion and that is where my heart is going for. Almost every manager receives a perfect technical education. Prozesses, change concepts and organisational models are discussed and a lot of business cases are analysed in every detail. And that is important to know (I was a teacher myself for a long time).

However, real management skills are not developed at the university. Who knows as a fresh graduate how to deal with stress, fear and aggression? What is really motivating for myself and for others? Is it possible to set up a culture that can deal with mistakes? What can I do to build trust? Management skills are about personal development and the proper contact with the employees. Nobody shows that to somebody. Most probably, because everybody thinks it is not changeable. Neuroscience shows, that development is possible. It makes the difference!

My offer

I offer different programs of leadership development. It may be a 1-day training or longer development programs including workshops, online-webinars, personal or group Coachings. With the goal to facilitate life-long learning and a constant development. Being a leader is a journey, the development never ends. In times of the corona-crisis I switched all my programs to digital. Nevertheless, I hope we can see us in person very soon.

Online Leadership development​

For companies, that are interested in NeuroLeadership, I develop custom-made online development programs. The programs vary in length and size and in the composition of topics. The programs consist of webinars, podcasts, readings, outbreak sessions and homework. They are combined in a way that our brain is constantly fed but never overburdend. It is constantly energized, has a lot of fun and makes unbelievable interesting new experiences.

The webinars last between 1-3 hours. That’s a time span that facilitates learning and triggers the brain. The gaps between the webinars may vary between one day and 3 weeks. In between the webinars the participants receive brain food with podcasts, videos and documents dealing with the respective topic. The brain is constantly on the move combining actual experiences with the information and reorganizes itself. With this patterns, we can achieve an incredible learning effect.

The topics that you can choose are based on my experience. It is exactly that, what managers need today. Not mainstream! Who wants to have what everybody else has?

What is important for me: You have to know the basics about the processes of the brain. That is relevant because you need to know which botton to hit. Every seminar has a neuroleadership introductions detailing the main proecesses and principles of the brain. That puts us in the position wo work with our brains. There is always a scientific fact related to a practical tool that can be tested.

The brain is unbelievable quick in learning and very flexible. Nevertheless, huge changes can only be expected on the long run. Having a half day seminar and expecting to loose aggression or the tendency for procrastination is an illusion. Managers and leaders need to invest time and work in their personal development. People that think they may invest 2h, receive a wonderful presentation and don’t have to work hard for a change may use the time for something else. That doesn’t work.

Leadership development with seminars (presence)

Leadership development with personal contact. Unfortunately, all my seminars are on hold, due to the corona crisis. In these times I focus completely on online seminars. But I am sure, that we learn best by personal contact. I am looking forward to a future, where we can meet in person again and participate in a training together.

Leadership development programs last between one day and several month. You can choose a one or two day seminar or choose a longer program. Here we spend a half or a complete day together, discuss and train a special topic. The time between the seminars is a time for discussions, online meetings, webinars, podcasts, reading or Emails.

Being longer engaged with important development topics, leads to a sustainable effect and improved network generation in the head with the relevant topics. With the use of several learning channes and senses, participants memorize better and have a higher chance to try and implement the learnings in everyday life.

Like the online programs, you receive a custom made program for your management. You can choose how many days, how often, the number of webinars, podcasts, reading documents or personal coachings the training consists of.

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