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The science of happiness and contentedness

Happiness and Contentment are determined by substances in the brain. Science shows how we can increase the concentration and the efficacy of these substances.

Brain whispering, gently moving into the brain

If we know, how the brain processes and judges information, we know how to change something in the brain of our colleague. And that is different than we think!

Resilience, the strength of the successful people

Overcoming hurdles and accepting challenges is an art. The difficult thing is: Resilience is above all a matter of the mind. And you have to train to become resilient.

Neuroleadership, Leadership & Science

As a manager, you have to learn the balancing act between performance and humanity. Just like EQ, brain whispering, motivation, forming teams, thinking strategically, etc. This is why neuroleadership matters!

Emotional intelligence, path to motivation

Many managers try to avoid emotions so that rational decisions can be made. Fundamentally wrong! Nothing happens without feelings. Only when we manage to give room for feelings can we truly lead.

Renew thinking, risk the change

Our brain is good at operating in old patterns and unconscious thought structures. That determines a big part of our life. Only if we throw our old thinking structures overboard can we come to real change.

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Who is Dr. Markus Ramming?

I am a coach, teacher, mentor, speaker and author. As a doctor of neurobiology, I worked in pharmaceutical research for a number of years. I enjoy reading the latest publications and books in neuroscience. I was a manager (research, project management and general manager) for many years. I have personally experienced the problems and difficulties faced by executives. I empathize with my customers because the requirements are constantly growing. NeuroLeadership has been my passion for over 14 years. I use it for the development of executives and companies. More under “About me”.

What does Neuroleadership-Concept do?

In-house training

Executives and companies have different cultures, changing mindsets and therefore individual needs and problems. I develop tailor-made programs and trainings. Whether E-learning, Webinars, Seminar in presence or hybrid formats, I develop them together with the companies. So that managers and employees receive the best possible development.


Once you have climbed your career, it becomes difficult to find a suitable partner with whom you can discuss on an equal level. And so it is difficult to recognize and change your own patterns. Development takes a back seat. I offer in-depth conversations and tools that create real change in thinking and attitude.


I love stories. I like to hear them and like to tell them. They touch the heart and are food for the brain. My lectures are like that. Exciting, demanding, challenging and scientifically sound. So that you not only go out with a smile on your face, but also with thoughts that continue to work in your head.


Many companies can only afford a limited range of training courses. Anyone who still wants to learn to be a Neuroleader can attend one of the open training courses. Maybe the Neuroleadership Basic’s program that is offered for free!

Culture development & change

When CEOs or GMs are asked about the reason for outstanding performance, it is often the attitude and spirit of the company that the success is attributed to. Neuroleardership helps to discover and transform inhibitory ways of thinking and detrimental attitudes in the company.

What is special about Neuroleadership?


The basis of Neuroleadership is scientific knowledge. We are committed to the truth and believe that science will bring us further! Neuroscience has produced fantastic new results in recent years that are renewing the world of leadership.

With heart and mind

For me, the focus is on people. The brain is the central control instrument of humans. It sets the direction and makes crucial decisions. I want everyone to use their brain to the max. That leads to lots of happiness hormones and goes hand in hand with a successful company.


Science delivers great new insights. So what? Leadership only works if we know exactly how to master difficult situations and which tools can be used for development and change. That is why we always have knowledge and practice together.

Neuroleadership-concept customers


Synapses are formed in the brain of young children during a second.
How much is formed in our head?

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