Take care for your thoughts, they become words

Take care for your words, they become actions

Take care for your actions, they become habits

Take care for your habits, they become your character

Markus Ramming
Science and experience combined

I am a coach, speaker and consultant for leadership development and cultural change for more than 10 years. With all my heart I work for a world where happy, contented and healthy people work in healthy companies. My way is to connect neuroscience and management, what is called neuroleadership. A lot of the revolutionary insights of the neurosciences in the last years, improve the leadership dramatically.

As a neurobiologist with Ph.D. I worked for 15 years as a manager in the pharmaceutical research and later as a general manager. As coach and speaker I connect neuroscientific results with management experience. That guarantees that you receive high quality information that is relevant for today’s management. With my experience I am in the position to empathize with the difficulties and problems of managers. I develop special leadership programms – as an instruction for the proper use of the brain.

Coach, speaker and consultant

More than a decade ago I made a big step in my life. Stop to work as an employee and starting to build my own company. Because happiness and contentedness at work are so important to me. To many people are unhappy at work and waste valuable life time. Not many companies offer an exciting work and facilitate happines, engagement and development. I believe, it’s time to use our brains wisely and realize our full potential.

Since that time, I arrange Neuroleadership seminars, organize workshops and deliver speeches in the field of brain and leadership. I am a teacher at several universities and consult with companies in long lasting change projects. All my work streams benefit from each other and I am happy that life offers me the opportunity to constantly learn new things. What can be better?

What else moves me?

I am the proud father of two kids, Hannah and Benjamin. Both are grown ups, performing their studies in Vienna. Hannah is involved in touristic management, Benjamin studies psychology. Both are special personalities. Nobody can be more proud than me.

Neuroleadership-concept. A network for coaches and consultants

I love to work together with other people in different kind of projects. With BCM ( http://www.bcm-pe.com/ ) I work in different change projects together. With Carola Scharvogel I do some work in her Trainer Lounge (https://www.trainer-lounge.net/). In the “Zentrum für Leistungsmanagement” in Hopferau I deliver seminars for the public (https://www.zentrum-fuer-leistungsmanagement.com/) . I would be happy to work with other organisations in the neuroleadership-field. My dream is to create a network of neuro-specialists that work together in large projects in companies. Let’s see what happens in the future.

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