Leadership Development with heart and brain

Leadership is under constant development and renewal. What was working properly yesterday, is outdated today. What we need is a clear and flexible mind. For NeuroLeadership, the brain and its development is the crucial point. It’s the perfect tool to develop leaders and organisations.

NeuroLeadership? What is that?

NeuroLeadership is a method and a tool to develop and improve leaders and organisations. Scientific insights are translated into an effective and useful Leadership style. It creates a new thinking and a new mindset. Ultimate goal a healthy, happy and contented employees, using their strength and skills. For us, these are the prerequisites for a successful company.

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What is NeuroLeadership-concept?

NeuroLeadership-concept is my website (Dr. Markus Ramming). I want to show the benefits of NeuroLeadership and the effective use. There are numerous exciting findings in the neurosciences. They will make leadership easier, bring quiescence, mindfullness and focus and increase motivation and fun. If you want a new mindset and an improved leadership culture, please contact me.

Why NeuroLeadership?


The main ground of NeuroLeadership are scientific results. We are bound to the genuine truth and believe that Science makes the difference. Neuroscience brought up amazing results during that past years that will revolutionize and renew Leadership.


Human beings are the focus point of our work. The brain is the central hub of every human being, regulating every thought and every action. We want everybody to use the full potential of the brain. That leads to increased happiness and goes hand in hand with successfull companies.


Sciences deliver brand new insights. So what? Leadership is only successfull if we know how to deal with critical situations and which tools work when managing a change or transformation. Here, science goes together with practical experience.

Who is Dr. Markus Ramming?

I am consultant, executive coach, keynote speaker and author. I own a Ph.D in neuroscience and worked a few years in pharmaceutical research. For me it is fun to read  the newest publications and books about neuroscience. For many years I have been an executive in research, project management and a general manager. I experienced the problems and demands all by myself. I feel with my clients because of the increasing demands. My passion is NeuroLeadership for more than 12 years. I use it for the development of managers and organisations.

What is NeuroLeadership doing?

Leadership analysis

Managers learned different types of believes, attitudes and behaviours. Some are advantageous, others give a disadvantage depending on the situation. We use the Harrisson-Assessment and structured interviews to test for preferences, thinking and behavioral pattern and  use this to give direction for the personal development of managers.

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Executive coaching

If you made it up the the executive level, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right sparring partner to discuss issues at eye level. That makes it difficult to identify own patterns and personally develop. NeuroLeadership helps through demanding conversations to change mindset and believe systems.

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Leadership development

We are living in extremly fast times. Development of new technologies, organisation forms and workplaces was never so challenging. There is a big need of permanent development, mental flexibility and creativity. Focus and mindfullness are essential. We train the brain, in order to deal with the challenges and manage companies successfully.


Team development

Most of the teams perform far below expectations. This is due to the fact that mindsets, routines and thinking styles are to similar. Strong teams are created through the integration of diverse opinions, expectations and behaviors. It needs knowledge and experience to manage high performance teams. NeuroLeadership will support your team.

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Culture analysis & development

Asking CEO’s or General Managers for the reason of extraordinary performance, the most popular answer is the attitude or the spirit of the company. NeuroLeadership discovers hindering beliefs and attitudes and helps to transform them.

Neuroleadership customers


Synapses being build in the brain of children in one second. What happens in your brain?

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